Two (or more) Makes it Easier

It Takes a Village 

I don’t mean two kids. I mean parents, partners, family, hell a friend, SOMEONE for an extra set of hands.

This week the husband was gone, and of course, it was when the baby was in a mood, mixed with teething. Crying, clinging, barely eating and barely sleeping! Nothing I did made her happy. SIGH. It definitely would have been a week of passing her off when he got home and me running to hide for awhile. But when the husband is gone, and I unfortunately don’t live close to family, it was just me, her, and her knuckle-head big sister. By the time late afternoon rolled around, I was tapped out and dragging until bedtime rolled around.

Let The Madness Begin

The first day, as soon as I woke up, my anxiety was going at top speed. I tried telling myself it was going to be a good day, but then the whining hit. The FIRST thing I did was make myself a double shot of espresso, and once bedtime came, I was sipping wine. While I do have these days while my husband is home, being completely alone for so long can cause my anxiety to be so high and so constant. It wears me out in no time.

Oh Kids

Kids are not easy, they don’t come with an instruction manual, and no two kids are the same. Both my girls are completely different. My older is super independent, but jealous of little sister, and my little needs to be by me at all time. Finding the time, balance, energy, hands to keep them going all day is exhausting. That’s why it is so nice to have someone, anyone to help. Sometimes they don’t even need to do anything to help! Just the company alone is a game changer. Trust me, kids aren’t great at holding a conversation.

Where’s the Break?

There are always good days and bad days. One, only one, day this week both girls were great. The baby wanted to play, happily, and big sister was being such a great helper! I still ended it sipping wine, though. Yet, on the bad days, just having someone come home, (that hasn’t dealt with the whining, scratching, clingy kids all day), and come in with a big smile and a fresh hello, is a sigh of relief (partly so I can go to the bathroom alone, too.)

Even with all the tough days, I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. At night, after my girls go to bed, I watch them sleep so peacefully, and I miss them. I tell myself that tomorrow will be better, and I won’t get too exhausted so quickly. Sometimes, it doesn’t happen, but without the bad days, the good ones wouldn’t be as great.

P.S. Thank you to Isabella for always editing for me. (:

Who is your person in your village? What is the biggest thing you just need a little extra help with?


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