Things I Want My First Daughter To Know

  1. This isn’t your typical “first day of school” mom post. As I sit here and think about your first day, I also think about, you as a little person. My baby is growing. I’m proud and excited to see the human she grows into. Hopefully not a messed up one.

Oh Baby Girl

From the start, you were my independent angel. It was like you already had life figured out. You didn’t have a problem eating, or sleeping. You enjoy cuddles, but you were fine being alone.

Now, I see you getting older. I see your personality shine through. You my dear are filled with so much; spunk, whit, charm, class, love, power. I love what I see. You are the things I wish I could be. You have a fire inside of you that is not easily blown out. 

Never Forget Your Worth

So my daughter, my first baby, here are some things I hope you hold on to and never forever. I hope you can add-on to this list later on. Or even find peace when  life gets hard, ‘cause baby, life will be hard. It will be hard because you have such big ideas, and people kind of suck. I know if anyone can do it, I know it is you.

My Wish For You

Always be kind. 

Your words have power. 

You can be whatever you want to be, even if that’s a princess. 

No means no. 

You are independent, not a bitch. 

You really are beautiful, the way you are. 

Remember to slow down. 

You deserve to be happy, no matter what the situation is. 

Life is too short, spend it wisely. 

You can still be girly, and get dirty. 

Your looks are not everything, if you like you, that is enough. 

You are enough. 

I love you.

You Are Everything

My love, I hope you find your way through life well. I am trying to lead by actions but I am making plenty mistakes. I am learning every day. I’m trying my best, to be the best for you. I will always be there for you, and I hope my words mean something.



What at is something you want your babies to know? Anything you think I should add to the list now? Comment down below!


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