The Superpower Moms Have

Moms Have Superpowers

We all know moms are a wearer of all hats. Chef, maid, nurse, taxi, event organizer, consultant, and many more. Doing all these alone already make us a fantastic superhero. We really do it all! It doesn’t matter if we stay at home or go to work. We are all juggling our own tower of work.

I really can’t tell you how many times I’ve done at least 5 completely different things at once. Just image a crazy lady with a mop on her head, in the kitchen at the stove cooking. While she doing that, she’s yelling behind her to make sure the children don’t hurt themselves. On top of cleaning up the dishes from the night before. Then running that load in the washer for third time this week. While ALSO picking up random toys and trash everywhere. And it’s only that easy part of the time!

It’s like when we become moms, not only do our bodies grow and shrink rapidly. Our bodies learn how to be an excellent multitasker. We become fearless, stiffing what we ALREADY KNOW is a poopy diaper. We can  force ourselves to continuously get up for the fourth time in the same night because that baby just doesn’t want to sleep!

Sharp Turn

Which leads me to the point of how is it always the moms that seem to hear the baby? How do dads never wake up to that awful cry!

Because when we popped that baby out, apparently we got supersonic hearing too! And I swear it only getting more sensitive as the kids grow up

It’s All In The Ears

It starts when we have just itty bitty babies. We hear every peep, gurgle, and breath they take.

Any time they even start to cry, who wakes up? MOM

Who waits a little while and thinks ‘he HAS to wake up, that cry is so loud’? MOM

Yet, who gets to sleep and not get  up? DAD

For some reason, dads just don’t hear the ear-piercing screams in the middle of the night, when is dead quiet. What is with that!?

It Doesn’t Stop There

When the babies get older, and they start moving, crawling, and walking, the supersonic hearing gets enhanced even more.

We start hearing every little thud. Any time anything drops, we hear it. It could be a feather and we stop everything to be like ‘WHAT WAS THAT’. Every click, every ting, every bump, every chuck. Chuck? Yeah, chuck, that’s a noise. You’ll understand when you hear it.

This superpower gets better though. I swear, with every noise, I know exactly where it is, and what it was from. Anything as little as a click, ‘wooooah child, that’s my eye shadow pallet’.

The crinkly, white noise sound? ‘The child is in the back of the closet, with a Twix candy bar’.

Even a quick, dense thud. ‘Small child fell off the kitchen table chair, and hit the right side of their forehead, on the chair, not the floor though’ *insert screaming*

While it makes times, like night-time unbearable, it is really nice to be able to hear everything. I know when the kids are getting into something they aren’t supposed to. I know when they are hurt and need me.  I know when something doesn’t sound right. And I know when to just ignore it because I’m exhausted.


What other superpowers do you think we got when we became a mom?




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