The Perfect Party

Pinterest Perfect

You know what I’m talkin’ about when I say Pinterest here. Those picture perfect shots of the over the top party. The beautiful hand made cake, the DIY decorations, all the way to the cut out party hats you made yourself. All of this stuff is amazing and beautiful.

But I Ain’t About That Life

I’ve done my fair share of TRYING *key word*, to be that Pinterest worthy party, but man it takes so much freaking work. Not to mention, it’s really expensive still.

I did it with my oldest daughter 5th birthday party. I made the decorations, a photo frame, photo back drop, door hanger, and a super fancy layered rainbow unicorn cake. I put so much work into it. Spent hours I didn’t have on decor. Cried over the cake. Put my blood, sweat and tears into everything.


So it was perfect and everyone had a blast! Right?


No one cared. The kids liked the bouncy house. The parents enjoyed eating. No one used the photo booth, hell I didn’t even use it. My daughter didn’t even care. She loved the shiny unicorns I bought and hung on the ceiling and the balloons.

I do have to add that my daughter did love her cake. She was excited it looked like a unicorn and it was delicious. Even though it was the hardest thing to do, my monkey loved it the most. So I will be doing that again.

Worth It?

Anything is worth making your babies happy, but over the top birthday parties is not worth it. Kids are happy with just about anything. At a party with their friends and food, they are happy with that. A good party doesn’t need fancy decor, extravagant dishes, and props no one is going to pay attention to. There are some simple things you can do to make a party fun for the little ones.

My Party List

  • Buy the cartoon decorations. Those are going to make the kids lose their minds.
  • The little party favor toys are a hit with kids, they will love them and play for hours.
  • Activities to keep them moving, where it be a big yard, pool, bouncy house, or where they can get up and run will be a live saver, plus an easy bed time.
  • Don’t try to over do the food, keep it easy and kid friendly. Fruit/veggie platters, goldfish, chips and dip. Easy.

Last, alcohol. For the parents, because it just makes everything better.

Well there you go folks, the easy IDGAF to birthday parties. You’re welcome.

What are your best party tips and tricks!? Share below!


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