The Easy Way Out, Isn’t Easy

Everything is hard. 

The process of life is full of challenges and little things you rather not do. 

The real question is if you want to do the hard things to make your life easy or do you want to put it off to make things for hard? 

Easy hard 

You can choose to take the easy path now, and do the hard stuff later. Yet chances are, the hard stuff will get harder, and you’ll be angrier. 

Hard easy

You can choose to put in the work, get through the hard stuff and watch the pay out in the end. The end result will feel sweeter and be so much more enjoyable. 

Okay, what am I talking about?

It could be the smallest thing, like for me it’s making my daughter lunch the night before. Why? Because something always happens in the morning. The girls are fighting, we can’t find a shoe, some one fell. It’s ALWAYS something. And having time to make a lunch in the morning is chaos. I don’t know what to make, or where things are, I’m yelling telling little people to put some stinking socks on. 

But when I do it at night, I have time, I’m calm when I do it, I have time to figure it out, I can find things and it’s done. 

Bigger picture:

Do you want change? Yes! Amazing. You started but it’s too hard?

Let’s say you want to get healthy. You want to move your body and eat better. You know it will give you more energy, and you body will literally thank you. It sounds so easy right! You image living your life with energy and less pain. How awesome! You can see how easier it is to wake up in the morning, and how you don’t need that extra cup of joe mid afternoon. And you can just image yourself getting home and making a good dinner and not just getting fast food that’s going to make you feel like crap after. You can see how great your life will be! 

But you started going to the gym, you were doing great the first few days. You have motivation and momentum. You had your meal prepped and you’ve been avoiding you’re usual lunch spot. Then the weekend comes and maybe you slipped up a little bit. No big deal, you’ll start again Monday. Yes you can! 

But you just didn’t want to prep your food this weekend, ugh it’s so annoying going to the grocery store and cooking for a few hours! You do it after work Monday and you’ll find a salad for lunch. Okay, good plan! Your tired Monday and skip the workout. Then it’s lunch time and your out getting food and you don’t want a salad! You want a burger! You get the burger and think about how you skipped the work out and so what the point now? Why keep going? It’s soooooo much easier to wake up late and it’s so yummy to get fast food. And who has the tome to work out, and don’t even get me started on the energy.

So you quit on yourself.

Yes I’m getting real, you QUIT ON YOURSELF. You gave up. You broke your promise to yourself. 

Why? Because it was hard. 

And now guess what? That version of yourself you saw that was better, healthier, feeling better, happier, that better version of yourself is gone. 

Poof, up in smoke. Just like that. 

Because you didn’t want to put in the work. It was too hard. Now your life LATER is still going to be hard. You’re goin to be winded walking up stairs, you’re going to feel like shit because you are putting bad food in your body. You’re still going to have aches and pains when you wake up because moving your body NOW was too “hard”. 

But did you realize easy your life was going to be if you put in the work now? 

So it’s your choice 

Easy, hard 


Hard, easy 


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