Chip VS Baby

Common Mistakes

The photo was taken after a pretty scary moment. Did you know that hitting a baby on the back while coughing or choking can actually lodge whatever it is further in their airway? Yup, that’s a thing.

Normal Day

So as we strolled around hobby lobby, my little nugget was eating chips her sister shared with her while, sitting in the cart. We were having a good day, and it was going smoothly. No big fights, no hiccups along the way. The girls were being good, I was enjoying looking for new craft stuff. The husband was even enjoying looking at all the neat stuff hobby lobby has to offer. We just had plans to have a chill day.


Big nugget was being sweet and waving to another little girl, so I turned around to watch her, and tell her how nice she was. By the time I turned back around, little nugget was choking. Her face was bright red, and she wasn’t able to cough, or breathe. Panic. Panic set in, and I was scared. But I couldn’t worry about all that. I instantly thought back to what I learned about while being a lifeguard, and in my MA course for the infant Heimlich maneuver.

Picked her up, turned her over, angled her down, gave swift hit to the back, and out came the chip. Then I could breathe and just think about how did that happen, how could I let that happen. My gosh, I need to watch her more. All the guilt set in.  It all happened so fast, the husband thought it wasn’t that bad, until I explained it to him because he was looking at me funny for holding her so tight afterwards. After telling him, he told me his first thoughts were screaming for help because he could even tell something wasn’t right.


Thankful we didn’t have to that, and it was a quick fix to something that could have gone so wrong, so fast. While this is just a little choking incident, the only point I have to sharing all of this is to let all people, parents or not, know how important it is to educate yourself on Heimlich’s, and CPR. You never know when you will need it, and you might never have to use it, but for that ONE time you need to, you will be thanking the heavens above you. I love my little nugget so much, and I’m so glad she’s okay, and still loved her chips after!

What scary moments have you had with your little ones? What skills did you use that you never thought you’d have to use?


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