Mom Guilt, #1


My girls eat like shit 50% of the time, especially since the hubs is never around for dinner. So a sit down family dinner is not a thing, for at least another year. Thanks recruiting duty. 

That also means, I meal prep my husbands dinner. When it comes to my dinner, I eat whatever or nothing. My dinner could be frozen food, left overs, snacks, instant potatoes (like tonight). Sometimes I cook for just myself and save the leftover to eat for the week. Others times, I just give up and eat nothing. Super healthy, you know. So while I love cooking, I don’t do it much lately, and that means I don’t cook dinner for my kids much either.

Other Food,

Since my oldest started school, breakfast is so fast. Granola bars, frozen pan cakes, sometimes oat meal. Weekend can get better, I have time to do eggs, and the whole thing, and my kids really enjoy it. I actually make my oldest lunch every single day, and I put lots of veggies and good stuff in it, so that’s good! But for my youngest, she snacks ALL THE TIME. She is always eating through out the day, and its always bad stuff, chips, crackers, cookies, but she does like fruits too, but I cant give them to her as much as she eats, because she would have awful poops, and I keeps fruits that long! . I have to keep her as far away from the kitchen as possible. As soon as I go near the kitchen, it is game over, and she is screaming for food. She will act like she has never had a crumb of food for a week. Then she absolutely ruins her dinner for the day.  When we are out, she has to constantly have something, and her go to is a lollipop or candy. When she sees Target, she instantly starts talking about cakes pops. That girls loves junk food, wonder where she gets that from? mmmmmmm. 

Dinner Time

When it comes to dinner, it usually needs to be fast. I’m not going to lie, my go to is pizza rolls or chicken nuggets. I try to make pasta and meat balls, but that’s on a good week! But I also try to make everything with a side of veggies, but again on a good week! lol Sometimes it’s even PB&Js, yogurt or even pancakes. Sometimes, days are just too tough, and I can’t even put any effort into it.  I make a lot of mac n cheese too, and thankfully I found the best kind ever! Kraft came out with a mac n cheese with cauliflower in it, and it still tastes amazing. My kids actually like it more! That brings me into my point. 

My Hack 

Thankfully my kids LOVE fruits and veggies, somedays they eat straight spinach and bell peppers, but sometime they still just don’t eat them. So when I find products with hidden veggies, its a total score. I know a lot of box pastas come with veggies, or when I do cook, I love cooking them in. Like meatloaf, soups, casseroles, and smoothies area great time to add them in too! My smoothies can be mainly veggies and some berries, and they go crazy for it. 

What Sucks Is:

Unless they eat perfectly, organic, chemical, dye free, gluten free, whatever. I feel awful. I can’t believe I let them eat so much junk. I think about all the dirty looks I got as they eat lollipops quietly in the cart, but they didn’t like the screaming and running either. I hate that I gave them pizza rolls two nights in a row. I’m always wishing that I made them the best cooked dinner ever. I feel like I have to make up for everything the next day, and shove all the veggies down their throat. Yet, that still doesn’t happen. Then the cycle still continues. The looks I get from other people when they see my kid eating a bag a chips is just unforgettable. the looks hunt me in my sleep! Let me just say, it is a hundred times worse when I look like a bum, which is 95% of the time. 

Some weeks, we do great, I cook so much and we eat lots of veggies.  There are some times where I am on top of it, and I prepare, not only are dinners on point but I can pack some fruit and good snacks to take to the store with me. I can take them with me to appointments, and I feel like the best mom ever! I am  on top of the world those days. There are other days that just aren’t that great though. Weather it be that I got a late start, the girls were fighting as soon as they opened their eyes. I’m having a hard mental day (or week), some things just go right out the window. 

Thankfully, my kids love food. They like so many different things, and they love veggies and healthy stuff. My oldest daughter loves talking about healthy things too, and they love learning about food too. They love junk food to though! lol

Its all called balance, right?!

More mom guilt blogs to come! 

What do you have mom guilt about?!


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