10 ways to be a “fun” mom when your stressed and tired

I’m always stressed and I’m LAZY AF

So about a week ago, I came a crossed a blog post for 51 SIMPLE ways to be a fun mom when you’re tired and stressed.

I was super excited about this post, because, hello, what mom isn’t tired and stressed!? Because I know I am! And I’m lazy, so I thought I could find some really good ideas in this. Plus my kids have had way too much screen time lately, but in the dead of winter, I really don’t know what to do with them at this point.

So I’m diving into this list, and then my jaw hits the floor. Oh, why you ask? Because NONE of it is something a tired, stressed mom would do. Maybe my SAD (seasonal affective disorder) makes me way more exhausted than tired, so it didn’t appeal to me, but geezer, Some of these things were just too much. No way would I partake in any of the ideas.

Some of these ideas included; going on a scavenger hunt, racing you kid at the park, play soccer with them, go to a kid friendly fitness class, put on a play, a water balloon fight, etc.. I think you see my point. Most of the ideas included lots of planning or lots of movement! I don’t know about y’all, but when I’m tired and especially stressed, I don’t have the mental or physical energy for any of that.

Don’t come for me

All these ideas are wonderful, and I do think they are fun things to do with your kids. My kids would love every one of these, and we will probably do some when it gets warmer out. Also actively playing WITH your kids is great! My kids LOVE when I dance with then, run with them, chase them, play with them. I love it too, we are all laughing and those are usually the best days ever. I love and want so many more of those days. I cherish them, and I hope those are the moments my kids will grow up remembering.

But guys, when I’m tired, stressed, lazy, depressed, anxiety ridden and feeling guilty about how much screen time they have had, I don’t have the mental energy to do anything. So I came up with my own list of how to still be a “fun” mom when its just not your day, or season.

10 Ways to be a fun mom, when you have nothing left in you.

  1. Coloring books and crayons. Now my kids love to throw the crayons all over the house, but the dogs will eat them so I don’t have to pick them up. And they have crayons at the dollar tree. You’re welcome.
  2. Squishy foam. I found this stuff in the Target dollar spot, and AMAZING. They aren’t messy like slime, but my kids loved it for like an hour.
  3. Let them dump out all their toys. Yeah, its messy and it drive me wild! But they will actually play with them all if they are dumped out. Why only then? I don’t know, but it works. And you can bagger them to clean it up another day when you have more energy.
  4. Play dough. We don’t have carpet, so this a good one, no mess. (My dogs eat it too, ugh) I save this one for when I really need it, they will play with it for hours, but I’ll never make it back in the can.
  5. Put them in the tub, and let them have at it. My kids can easily play in tub for an hour if not more. They love water. So easy.
  6. Like shopping from amazon? Have a big box, again, let them at it. I cut a hole in the side, and it was like the best toy ever.
  7. Got some old make up you don’t use anymore? Hand it over, my kids love to get into my makeup, so giving them some that they can have is amazing.
  8. Glow sticks with your already closed blinds will keep them entertained for awhile too!
  9. Cuddling. Lay in bed and just have a cuddle fest.
  10. Family movie with popcorn. Still screen time, but at least you’re doing it together!

I know how it is to be completely empty, and then feeling like complete garbage because you cant give your kids a fun, happy mom 24/7. Thanks mom guilt. But no matter what you struggle though, it is okay. There are going to be good and bad seasons. You do what you can, until you can do more. Be easy with yourself through the tough times, you deserve the grace. Momma, You’re doing great.


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