About Me



Hi! I’m the mom behind the blog!


I’m just trying to find my tribe. As mom’s, and the every day battles we are facing, weather it be tantrums, judging, laundry piling up, work or mental issues, life can feel lonely. But I don’t think we should be alone, because we’re not! There are mom’s everywhere, trying to ride the waves of life, and we should be connected! So let’s lift mom’s up, let’s help each other, let’s take on the seasons of life!

🎵 We’re all in this together. 🎵


I have crazy colored hair, which is always changing. I’m on a mission to restore my positivity again. I have two beautiful girls that run my life, and a crazy awesome husband that deals with a crap load of my problems. I have no filter and I talk like a dirty trucker. I’m weird and love mermaids, flowers, and the beach, but hate the sun. Lately, I’m an book waiting to be opened, if you have a question, just ask. I’m open and if my story can help anyone else, I’m more than happy to share.


Just keep it real,


Thanks for stopping by!